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Brexit can make it harder to go to European countries for a number of reasons. Britain being taken out of the European Union can make it a lot harder to go on holiday to countries in Europe. Longer waiting times, higher flight costs and having to pay more pounds and getting fewer euros back. These are just some of the problems that will be faced as a result of Brexit. When people from the UK go on holiday it doesn’t take as long to get through airport security in European countries as it would for someone who is not originally from the UK. However, as a result of Brexit people from the UK will need to wait longer to get through the airport.

Brexit can make it harder to go to European Countries flights clouds and plane wing

Expensive Flights


Brexit can make it harder to go to European Countries due to having to pay more for flights. Hotels are one of the most expensive parts of booking a holiday. But, flights can cost less for all different airlines making the holiday more affordable.  However, due to Brexit, the prices for flights will be going up across all airlines. This will make it a lot harder for people to go on holiday as the holiday will cost too much money. Flights can be more expensive as there will need to be new routes for planes to fly across to get to the desired destination.

Brexit can make it harder to go to European Countries changing money

Brexit can make it Harder to go to European Countries: Converting Pounds to Euros


As a result of leaving the EU, British currency has faced a drop since the vote for Brexit. This means it is harder to get a good deal on Euros when going abroad. Comparing different Currency rates will be harder than ever after Britain leaves the EU as the prices will go down and the pound will not be worth as much, meaning you will need to pay more money in order to get a decent amount of Euros for going on holiday. Some travel agents have cheaper rates meaning you can get euros for around the same amount of pounds however this will become a lot harder to do when Britain leaves the EU.


Other Problems


The European Health Card can dramatically drop the price of health treatment when receiving treatment whilst abroad. Due to Brexit, people from the UK may no longer have the same access to healthcare when on holiday as they have in the past. This can all depend on if the UK will still allow people from the EU the same treatment as those from the UK. Another problem caused by Brexit could cause mobile phone providers to increase their data roaming charges for using your data on holiday. Brexit will not only cause problems for going on holiday to places in the EU but also for people who are from the UK going to work in countries in the EU.