Pallet Lifters

As you will already know from reading our previous articles, it is clear to see that the Brexit vote has and will continue to create a huge impact on nearly every industry. The manufacturing industry will be impacted to the finest detail by Brexit, with even the pallets and pallet lifters being affected. Brexit will affect every aspect of the industrial sector from the big business down to the agricultural side of things.

Read on and find out how Brexit may affect the industrial sector, from pallet lifters to Big Pharma.

Manufacturing Firms Exporting To The EU

The UK has such a large number of manufacturing companies. The vast majority of products produced in this country will inevitably be exported to the EU at the moment. After Brexit, this supply and demand cycle will be changed dramatically as a result. The actual manufacturers may take their business elsewhere, or they may just be limited on how much they can export. Either way, there will be a huge dent in the economy.

Pallet Lifters

Major companies in Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco and Defence are based in the UK. These industries could also be the brunt of the negative effects of Brexit. Taxes and levies may completely change how these products are exported and imported. This will truly impact on the UK economy as these industries are such big business.

The Industries At Risk

There are so many industries at risk after Brexit has come into play. Nearly every industry within the industrial sector could be affected, particularly by the loss of things like subsidies. Some of the main industries which will be affected by this massive political clash will be:

  • Fisheries
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical Industries
  • Motor Vehicle Manufacturing

These industries each employ thousands of people. If any of the main layers in the industry were to take their headquarters elsewhere then it could be a huge blow to the economy.

Pallet Lifters

Pallet Lifters and Scissor Lifts

One thing that could certainly be affected by Brexit is the standardisation of the industry. Small things that no one considers have also been standardised across Europe. Any warehouses with pallet lifters will know that all pallets are the exact same measurements across the continent. Brexit could potentially affect even affect small things like this which could render companies’ pallet lifters useless as a result. Consequently, things like scissor lift platforms and all sorts of other industrial equipment could be affected.