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The Impact That Brexit May Have On The NHS

Brexit is an extremely complicated process that could literally affect the lives of many when it comes to the NHS. The actual effects that come with Brexit have not even begun. However, the NHS staff has already reduced its numbers with tons of nurses and doctors from the EU feeling a little unwanted and moving back home to join a practice. The lowered value of the pound also meant that the bills the NHS had to pay increased in numbers and a slight improvement in pound value could not make up for months of lost money and high bills.

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Dentists in Glasgow City centre wearing rubber gloves look into little boys mouth as he lies on the dental chair.
Brexit Healthcare NHS UK

Effects of Brexit on Health Care and Dentists in Glasgow City Centre

Since the referendum result in June 2016, there has been a lot of speculation and debate on the effects it will have on various aspects of British life. One of the bigger worries is of course government funded institutions which vulnerable members of the public rely upon, such as the NHS. This worry is certainly justified since the UK health and care system is currently facing immense financial and functional struggles. As a nation, we have already suffered from vast cutbacks within in the NHS through staff shortages, bed shortages, operation cancellations and postponements, and at times waiting lists that take years to get in front of. Throw Brexit into the mix and we can only imagine the issues that will spring up as we face reality out with the EU. This article looks at the possible effects on health care and dentists in Glasgow city centre and the UK.…

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