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Welcome to our guide, The Best Gardening Gloves Guide For 2024, crafted especially for the British Green Thumb. This comprehensive review is tailored for gardeners in the UK who are looking for the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and style in their gardening gloves. We understand that whether you’re tending to delicate seedlings or tackling tough outdoor tasks, having the right pair of gloves is essential.

Our guide covers a wide range of gloves, from those with cheerful Sicilian lemon prints suitable for light tasks to heavy-duty options designed for more robust gardening activities. We have tested and reviewed various types of gloves, including those developed specifically for individuals with arthritis, offering flexibility and dexterity for delicate tasks.

You’ll find detailed insights into gloves like the G&F 3-pack Women’s Soft Jersey Garden Gloves, known for their breathability and touchscreen compatibility, and the rugged Bamllum Leather Garden Gloves, ideal for handling spiky plants and using power tools. Also included are options like the Amazing Stuff for You Grippy Garden Gloves, which combine practicality with comfort, and the heritage-quality Barebones Work Gloves, crafted for durability and protection.

Discover the unique features of each glove, from moisture resistance to breathability and dexterity, to ensure you choose the best pair for your gardening needs. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our guide is here to help you protect your hands in style.

gardening gloves for the british green thumb

British Green Thumb Gloves

Guard your green thumb with gloves that are both stylish and functional—from adjustable wrist straps to touch screen compatibility, these garden gloves make the ideal present for gardeners of any skill level!

These gloves feature a comfortable cotton back with Sicilian lemon prints for cheerful style, making them suitable for light gardening tasks or other daily chores that don’t require fine motor skills like handling seedlings. Unfortunately, however, they may not be ideal for more robust jobs that demand fine motor control, such as handling seedlings.

Glove BrandKey FeaturesIdeal ForAdditional Notes
G&F 3-pack Women’s Soft JerseyLightweight, breathable, touchscreen compatible, textured fingertips for grip.Summer gardening, warm-weather tasks.May need to order one size up, machine washable.
Bamllum Leather Garden GlovesThick and sturdy, good grip, touchscreen compatible, comfortable for extended wear.Heavy-duty tasks, handling spiky plants. Durable Material
Amazing Stuff Grippy GlovesGood gripping properties, soft and flexible, touchscreen compatible.General gardening, using tools, everyday yard work.Less breathable, may not be ideal for hot weather.
Barebones Work GlovesDurable leather, padded knuckles, improved dexterity, snug fit.Handling prickly plants, rough tasks.Handcrafted, natural dyes may transfer color.
Vermont GlovesQuality leather, handcrafted, tailored for various uses including gardening.General-purpose gardening, homesteading.Produced on order, supports community initiatives.
Duluth GlovesRobust, insulated, moisture-resistant, touchscreen compatible, breathable when damp.Cold weather gardening, snow shoveling.Advisable to store in a controlled environment.

1. G&F 3-pack Women’s Soft Jersey Garden Gloves

These gloves feature lightweight and breathable fabric that feels like second skin, making them perfect for summer gardening and other warm-weather tasks. As they fit snugly, it may be wise to order one size up. Their fingertips feature textured surfaces to improve grip and dexterity, as well as touchscreen compatibility for smartphones—not forgetting they’re machine washable!

These thick leather gloves are an essential companion when performing outdoor garden and lawn tasks that involve protection from thorns, sharp objects, and plants with sharp spines. Their extended elbow protection helps prevent skin from being pricked by sharp spines or plants. Furthermore, these thick leather gloves offer excellent hand protection when working with power tools.

These gloves were developed by an orthopaedic hand surgeon specifically to meet the needs of people living with arthritis in their hands, combining elements from gardening gloves, work gloves, and athletic gloves into one durable pair. Their flexibility provides great dexterity for delicate tasks like handling seedlings. Machine-washable and available in multiple sizes.

2. Bamllum Leather Garden Gloves

These gloves are thick and sturdy enough for heavy-duty tasks like chopping or moving spiky plants, yet their material provides adequate grip when using hand tools, making them comfortable enough to wear for extended periods. Furthermore, their touchscreen compatibility makes these gardening gloves a must.

These gloves come in packs of six, offering excellent value for the price. Ideal for flower planting and weeding, pruning, cutting, mowing, branch cleaning, and DIY light-duty work, the gloves make an excellent addition to your gardening toolbox!

Although not designed specifically for delicate work such as seed sowing, and due to their jersey fabric, they don’t offer much protection from thorns, these gloves do wash easily and make an economical option for general garden use. Their low cost allows you to get one for each gardening season!

3. Amazing Stuff for You: Grippy Garden Gloves

These gloves are specially designed to keep your hands safe while gardening. Their gripping properties make them effective at holding onto tools while still being soft and flexible enough for dexterous handling of objects. Furthermore, these touchscreen-compatible gloves make checking texts and answering phone calls while working in your yard simple and straightforward.

These gauntlet-style gloves combine soft goatskin with sturdy cowhide to protect you from both thorns and stinging nettles, providing ample protection for tasks such as rose pruning or leaf raking. They even come equipped with a terry cloth thumb strip to quickly wipe away sweat and help avoid hand fatigue! We liked that there’s also a Terry cloth thumb strip to wipe away sweat quickly after long sessions of activity!

However, we discovered these gloves to be among the least breathable of our test selections; therefore, if you plan to wear them for extended periods during hotter weather, then another pair might be better. They’re machine-washable too, which is an added plus!

4. Barebones Work Gloves

These gloves, handcrafted from hardwearing yet comfortable leather, are ready for action. Their padded knuckles offer protection from bumps, cuts, and bruises while making light work of prickly plants, rough soil, dry bark, and wooden tool handles. A keystone thumb stitch improves dexterity while their elastic back keeps them snugly in place—all features produced by men and women in rural Pakistan who sell these heritage-quality products, although the natural dyes used may cause some colours to transfer slightly onto your skin due to the production methods used.

5. Vermont gloves

Vermont Glove stands as one of the oldest glove factories in the world and continues to produce quality leather gloves, but they also strive to be an agent for positive change through initiatives promoting workforce development, affordable housing, and refugee resettlement.

Sam Hooper answers his makeshift doorbell and begins his factory tour with ease and assurance as a 28-year-old entrepreneur who has fielded numerous questions about their craft. He walks visitors through the building, pointing out various machines and equipment used in producing gloves manufactured by his company.

Leather hides are carefully selected by weight and thickness before being marked for quality and size before being cut to specific patterns with metal dies. Backtacks, welts, and closing stitches are completed by skilled experts; with nearly no inventory held by the company, every pair produced to order—even general-use line worker gloves as well as new styles geared towards homesteaders and backcountry skiers—are produced this way.

6. Duluth Gloves

As Minnesota winters become colder, gardeners need a pair of Arctic-style gloves that can withstand subfreezing temperatures and icy conditions. Crafted in Duluth, these tough gloves can withstand snow shovelling, digging, raking, or any other task outside.

These tough gloves combine robust 11.5-ounce fire hose canvas, soft goatskin leather, and premium 3M thinsulate insulation to deliver optimal warmth retention and dexterity. Plus, their touchscreen compatibility means you can text or use your phone without taking them off first!

They’re machine-washable as well, proving their moisture resistance through our moisture testing procedure: when dunked in water for moisture resistance testing, they held up admirably against an abundance of it; additionally, they’re breathable and comfortable when damp, this feature being rare among lighter cloth-based gloves. To preserve the leather from cracking, however, it is advisable that these be kept inside an environment-controlled storage area for best results. Additionally, they feature rolled fingertips, which eliminate seams at the end of each finger that limit dexterity for increased dexterity during wear time—an additional bonus that comes from their ability to stay breathable when damp!