How to Choose the Best Game Engine for Your Video Game

When creating a video game, choosing an ideal game engine is of critical importance. Top game development engines make creating games much simpler with minimal coding effort required. Unreal Engine is a robust game engine used by numerous triple-A titles, boasting advanced visual technologies and material editors as well as an extensive asset marketplace. Furthermore, Unreal offers visual blueprinting allowing non-programmers to easily construct games with this engine. Unreal Engine Unreal Engine is a versatile game creation software suite used to craft AAA-quality video games. However, Unreal is also used by industries outside of gaming; from aerospace manufacturing to high-end car production. There are endless uses for Unreal! PUBG Battlegrounds’ team used Unreal Engine to create their free battle royale game that has amassed over one billion players worldwide – providing one of the finest examples of how flexible Unreal Engine is. This 3D game engine contains various mechanisms that…

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Jobs In Gaming
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How Jobs In Gaming Will Be Impacted by Brexit: At Home And Abroad

With the threat of Brexit looming, many are worried about their livelihoods and their wellbeing. Debates occur incessantly between the UK and the European Union over the threatening Article 50. The next sector to pique our interest within all of this for those among us with jobs in gaming. The online gaming and gambling industry is truly international and will be affected deeply by Brexit. Jobs in gaming are well sought after both at home in the UK and abroad, and things like visa worries and the economy are going to completely change the outlook of a career in this sector. Read on and find out how jobs in gaming could be impacted by Brexit.

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