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Steps to a Successful PCI DSS Audit

Companies and service providers that handle credit card data are required to comply with the PCI DSS security framework, which consists of 12 requirements and 281 directives. When a business undergoes its yearly ROC audit, it can face severe penalties from credit card brands if it fails. To avoid this, it’s crucial to approach the audit as a preparation process rather than a pass or fail test. Businesses should start by conducting gap assessments and remediation efforts early in the year to ensure they are fully prepared for the audit. 1. Define Your scope. The key to ensuring a successful PCI DSS assessment is accurately defining your scope prior to beginning any assessment project, since any mistake could derail its entirety. In general, any system that processes cardholder data falls within the scope of PCI DSS standards and must comply. This includes systems that store, process, or transmit cardholder data as well as sensitive authentication data, in addition to people, processes, or locations…

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What Challenges do IT companies In Glasgow Face As A Result Of Brexit?

Within the United Kingdom IT companies like many other businesses across the country are directly affected by Brexit. In addition to this new laws being introduced by the European union could fundamentally change the way we use and communicate over the internet. So in this article we will discuss how Brexit will affect IT companies in Glasgow such as Certum as well as other laws that the EU has yet to pass. It Companies In Glasgow – Financial Obstacles Amongst other issues cash flow problems and lack of investment are important and relevant factors that are affecting IT companies in Glasgow. This can partly be attributed to market uncertainty due to current issues such as Brexit. Brexit is contributing to uncertainty about the profitability of UK businesses as well as potential tariffs and taxes that could be applied on cross country trade. Outwith Brexit IT companies in Glasgow have had…

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