As is to be expected, Brexit is going to have a significant effect on nearly every sector in Britain and in Europe. A major sector which is surprisingly often overlooked is the events industry. Major events in the UK and Europe bring in a significant amount of revenue for their host economy. From temporary building hire to event staffing solutions, there will be so many branches of this large industry that will be affected enormously.

Read on and find out how we think Brexit will impact on the events industry as we know it.

Affecting Temporary Building Hire Across Europe

Temporary building hire is a core part of nearly every event in the world. Whether it is hiring a building temporarily or hiring a temporary building, this area of the industry is massive. Companies who design and provide temporary building hire, like VBS Structures, are going to see a large impact following Brexit. At the moment, they may have a large European market. This market will become a bit more out of reach following Brexit.

Temporary Building Hire

Event Staffing Solutions May Be Few And Far Between

For other companies, like TenTen Events, another major issue could be that of finding event staffing solutions. TenTen Events are a third party business who find staff on behalf of large events and festivals. Often, a large portion of workers in these sectors can be from Europe. Whether this is students finding a casual job while in the UK or working at festivals in return for a free ticket to the event, potential staff numbers could fall. Many experienced and skilled workers may not be able to return to events they had previously worked at. Finding new event staffing solutions post-Brexit will be a challenge.

Many Major Events Will See Loss Of Income

Another point to consider is that all major events will see a significant drop in the amount of income they make. This will, in turn, have an impact on the local and national economy. Much of this money is actually ploughed back into the places that need it. The events industry will also suffer financially because of a loss of many different European subsidies that are currently in place.

Event Staffing Solutions

Enjoy Festivals Abroad? You May Need A Visa

One more problem which may arise is the potential need for a Visa. At the moment there is a high degree of freedom of movement between the UK and the other member states within the EU. If Britain chooses to leave Europe, then it may be a lot harder to gain access to other countries without stringent safety checks among other things. It could become as strict to enter and leave the UK as it currently is entering and leaving the US.