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Brexit Impact on the British Economy

A recent article discussed Brexit’s likely impact on the British economy. The majority of voters voted to leave the European Union, a move that has continued to grow in popularity. It has a strong support among conservative and populist voters, as well as workers from low-skilled sectors. Nevertheless, Brexit has raised a host of concerns, particularly for the UK. EU share of world population will fall from 7.0 to 6.1 percent As a result of Brexit, the UK will lose its influence in EU governance. For instance, UK will no longer have a say in the decisions made by agencies of the EU. These agencies provide support to the EU and its member states. The UK will no longer have a voice in these agencies, including the European Medicines Agency, the European Aviation Safety Agency, and the European Food Safety Authority. In addition to this, UK participation in EU policies…

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Brexit May Influence The Benefits of Temporary Exhibition Staff

Temporary Exhibition Staff Undoubtedly it is an incredibly important aspect for many modern businesses to have access to dependable, skilled staff to fill temporary or ad-hoc roles within businesses. Particularly within the events industry, this is a problem which recruiters encounter on a regular basis. It is important for businesses which utilise this type of employment to fully comprehend the benefits and potential negatives of temporary exhibition staff representing their company at events. However, Brexit could result in these advantages being considerably affected in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit which could be catastrophic for this type of employment. Provides Flexibility Small firms must adjust their number of employees in accordance with busy or quieter times. Whether this is due to the company being a seasonal based business which is busier in summer or an office which becomes busier in peak periods throughout the seasonal business calendar.  The commitment…

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Brexit Could Have An Impact On The Events Industry As We Know It

As is to be expected, Brexit is going to have a significant effect on nearly every sector in Britain and in Europe. A major sector which is surprisingly often overlooked is the events industry. Major events in the UK and Europe bring in a significant amount of revenue for their host economy. From temporary building hire to event staffing solutions, there will be so many branches of this large industry that will be affected enormously. Read on and find out how we think Brexit will impact on the events industry as we know it.

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