Recent political events such as Brexit have highlighted the cracks and areas of contention within the European union that are slowly giving way to change. However it is important to recall how important cooperation between different nations can be and why Europe is likely to remain a significant organisation moving forward into the near future.

Security And Intelligence

One of the main reasons why international cooperation is so important is due to security and intelligence information. Security and intelligence information can be used to help prevent domestic crimes from occurring as well as allowing different countries to address any issues that there may be with criminals crossing borders into their country.

In the current security climate we live in today , there has unfortunately been a noticeable increase in the amount of terrorist activity and preparation. These sleeper cells can be difficult to detect. However it is essential that they are tackled before they can do any harm to people in any part of the world.

Therefore organisations such as the European union are continuing to provide an important function as they are allowing for the fast and effective transfer of data between nations of security and intelligence information in order to allow for better overall international cooperation.

Labour And Employment

Another very important area in which different nations may wish to cooperate together is through labour and employment. Labour and employment is needed throughout a country in order to make it economically sustainable and to allow for a healthy and functioning society as well as economy.

The European union is beneficial to member states as there is never a shortage of labour thanks to the free movement rules which are present throughout Europe. In the wake of global crisis or economic downturn , an influx of workers is important in order to be able to revitalise the economy as well as vital industries who are lacking in employees.