Amongst the political turmoil and civil discontent surrounding the Brexit debate many people have found themselves asking what led us to Brexit? and what will happen next? In short there is no simple answer to this as there are a mass of factors that may have influenced the result and what happens next is unpredictable given the UK parliaments track record. Through this article we will explore the events in the lead up to the Brexit referendum and the fallout after the result.

The Factors Leading To The Referendum

David Cameron the UK’s former prime minister pledged as part his manifesto that he would ensure that the UK had a referendum on whether or not the country should stay in the EU. However after the vote took place in 2017 the country voted to leave despite Cameron campaigning as part of the remain campaign. At this point he resigned as prime minister citing the need for new leadership in order to guide the process. A significant factor which may have contributed to the EU referendum pledge was the rise and growth of UKIP. UKIP had been growing steadily in polls and popularity and won many seats in the UK parliament prior to the referendum indicating a demand for a referendum.

Remain And Leave Campaigns

During the build-up to the referendum there were many promises made by both the leave and remain side alike to try and entice voters to take their side. One of the major blunders by the vote leave side was claiming that £350 million a week is sent to the EU that could be spent on the NHS. In the wake of the leave result many began questioning this figure and whether this money would be available should the figure be accurate. To date those responsible for this pledge have been very quiet and have not come up with a statement on how exactly they intend to make this happen.

Aftermath Of Brexit

After two years Brexit has still to be resolved and has caused chaos within British and European politics alike. No one in the Government seemed prepared for the eventual outcome of the leave result and it was left to Theresa May to resolve. Theresa may was one of the main vote remain figureheads and has had the responsibility of ensuring Brexit takes place. Figures such as Nigel Farage and Boris Johnston who were the two main opposing figureheads have gone off the radar and have had very little input since the referendum was concluded. Theresa May has had to negotiate a deal with the EU to ensure an orderly Brexit. However many vote leave supporters feel that they were misinformed as no deal was ever implied or mentioned in the lead up to the Brexit referendum. To conclude Brexit remains a touchy subject which continues to divide opinions within the UK and far beyond. We are yet to experience the repercussions of Brexit as no one really knows what is coming next for the UK.